Why I Am Running

Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about my campaign for State Senate in the new 22nd District. It is time to fire the greedy politicians who have lined their own pockets by selling out the interests of the middle-class. I’ll speak for you, not millionaire contributors.

It is time to put people before politics and reject the most extreme rhetoric to work together to get real results. This past legislative session was an embarrassment as the Senate deadlocked over drawing Congressional District lines.

My issues are the ones we share in common. I pledge to:

  • Defend Reproductive Freedom
  • Clean Up Corruption in Jefferson City
  • Defend The Rights of Workers
  • Bring Jobs & Businesses to Jefferson County
  • Stand With Law Enforcement
  • Support Funding of Public Education
  • Help Make Health Care More Affordable
  • Freeze Property Tax Assessments for Seniors
  • Work to End Deaths from Drug Addiction

These are the reasons I am running and why I am asking for your support. You can contact me at haginformissouri@gmail.com if you have any questions, would like a yard sign or want to volunteer. You can also contribute to our campaign by clicking on this link or the ActBlue donation button below.

Thank you!

Ben Hagin